Dear Visitor,

DAYLILY PARK is a garden filled with daylilies, which we created in our hometown, Wellington, a small farming village just sixty kilometers outside Cape Town, South Africa.

We always knew a daylily as a small yellow flower and was only introduced to the variety and beauty of this amazing flower in the mid to late nineties. We ordered our first new colours from a grower in Kwazulu Natal, South Africa, which we planted with great enthusiasm in our home garden.Then internet introduced us to the world of daylilies and many importations followed.

Needless to say a few years later there were hardly any other plants left in our garden. We managed to acquire the last piece of vacant land adjoining to our property and this was the birth of DAYLILY PARK.

Our dream is to create a daylily heaven from where we can introduce this gorgeous flower to as many gardeners as possible - in South Africa and all over the world. At this stage we have mostly bought in plants from some of the top growers of the US. Although we have many old varieties, we now concentrate on the most resent introductions.


We slowly started our own hybridizing experimental program. This we see as one of our medium to long term objectives. In the meantime we have to part with surplus plants.This we will do through the well proven internet and postal service.

Thank you for your support and visiting our site. We sincerely hope we could show you something of importance which could interest you more in daylilies.

God Bless
Smit Family